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Dream11: Revolutionizing the Fantasy Sports Dream 11 Team Today Prediction

Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that has revolutionized the way people perceive and consume sports. It is a game of skill that allows users to create their virtual teams with real-life players and compete against each other. The platform has gained immense popularity in India, with over 120 million registered users and a user retention rate of over 50%. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Dream11, exploring its history, business model, and how it has transformed the sports industry.

History of Dream11

Dream11 was founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. It was initially launched as a platform for cricket enthusiasts to showcase their cricketing skills by creating their virtual teams and participating in contests. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that Dream11 ventured into the world of fantasy sports, where users could create their teams for other sports such as football, kabaddi, and basketball.

Over the years, Dream11 has established itself as the market leader in the fantasy sports industry, with a market share of over 90%. In 2018, Dream11 became India’s first gaming unicorn with a valuation of over $1 billion. Today, the platform has partnerships with major sports leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), Indian Super League (ISL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Business Model of Dream11

Dream11 follows a freemium business model where users can play for free or participate in paid contests. The platform earns revenue through a commission on the entry fees paid by users to participate in paid contests. For instance, if a user participates in a contest with an entry fee of Rs. 100, Dream11 will deduct a commission of Rs. 10, and the remaining Rs. 90 will be added to the prize pool.

Apart from the commission earned on entry fees, Dream11 also earns revenue through sponsorships and advertisements. The platform has signed sponsorship deals with major sports leagues and teams and has also partnered with several brands to promote their products and services.


Features of Dream11

Dream11 offers a range of features that make it an engaging and immersive experience for users. Here are some of the key features of the platform:

  1. Create Your Team: Dream11 allows users to create their virtual teams for various sports. Users can select players from real-life teams and create their teams based on their knowledge and analysis.
  2. Join Contests: Users can participate in various contests with different entry fees and prize pools. The contests range from small private contests to large public contests with thousands of participants.
  3. Live Scorecard: Dream11 provides a live scorecard for all the matches, allowing users to track the performance of their virtual teams and players in real-time.
  4. Expert Advice: Dream11 provides expert advice and analysis to help users make informed decisions while creating their virtual teams.
  5. Refer and Earn: Dream11 offers a refer and earn program where users can earn cash bonuses by referring their friends to the platform.

Impact of Dream11 on the Sports Industry

Dream11 has had a significant impact on the sports industry in India. It has transformed the way people consume and engage with sports, making it more interactive and immersive. Here are some of the key impacts of Dream11 on the sports industry:

  1. Increase in Fan Engagement: Dream11 has increased fan engagement by allowing users to create their virtual teams and compete against each other. It has made sports more exciting and interactive, thereby increasing the overall interest in sports.
  2. Monetization of Sports: Dream11 has opened up a new revenue stream for sports leagues and teams. It has helped in the monetization of sports and has provided a platform for brands to reach out to a highly engaged audience. Dream11 has also helped in increasing the viewership of sports matches, thereby attracting more sponsors and advertisers.
  3. Growth of Fantasy Sports Industry: Dream11 has played a significant role in the growth of the fantasy sports industry in India. It has paved the way for other fantasy sports platforms to enter the market, thereby creating more opportunities for sports enthusiasts to participate in fantasy sports. Today, the fantasy sports industry is valued at over $1.5 billion in India and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.1% from 2021 to 2026.
  4. Boost in Sports Tourism: Dream11 has also contributed to the growth of sports tourism in India. With the platform’s popularity, more people are traveling to India to attend sports matches and participate in fantasy sports contests. This has helped in boosting the tourism industry in India and has generated more revenue for the country.
  5. Impact on Player Performance: Dream11 has also had an impact on the performance of real-life players. With millions of users participating in fantasy sports contests, players now have an added pressure to perform well in matches. The performance of players now not only impacts the outcome of the match but also the performance of virtual teams in fantasy sports contests.
Dream11 Team Making Trick

How To Earn Money From Dream 11 App

Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports platform that allows users to create their virtual teams and compete against each other in various sports leagues. While the platform is primarily designed for sports enthusiasts to have fun and engage with their favorite sports, it also provides an opportunity to earn money. Here are some ways in which you can earn money from Dream11:

  1. Participating in Contests: The most obvious way to earn money from Dream11 is by participating in contests. Dream11 offers a range of contests with different entry fees and prize money. Users can create their virtual teams and join these contests to win cash prizes. The prize money depends on the number of participants and the entry fee, with the winner taking home the largest share of the prize pool.
  2. Referral Program: Dream11 has a referral program that allows users to earn money by inviting their friends to join the platform. Users can share their referral code with their friends, and when their friends sign up using the code and make their first deposit, both the user and the friend earn a cash bonus.
  3. Bonus Offers: Dream11 also offers bonus offers to its users from time to time. These bonus offers can include cashback on deposits, additional cash prizes for participating in specific contests, and other such incentives. Users can keep an eye out for these bonus offers and take advantage of them to increase their earnings.
  4. Skill-based Games: Dream11 also offers skill-based games that allow users to earn money based on their performance. These games require users to showcase their knowledge and skills in a specific sport, and they can earn money based on their performance. Skill-based games are a great way to earn money from Dream11 while also sharpening your skills and knowledge in a particular sport.
  5. Contests with Guaranteed Prize Pools: Dream11 also offers contests with guaranteed prize pools, which means that the prize money is guaranteed, regardless of the number of participants. These contests are a great way to earn money from Dream11 without having to worry about the number of participants or the prize pool.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is a strategy-based online sports game where you can create a virtual team of real players, playing in live matches worldwide. You earn points and win cash prizes based on the performances of these players in actual matches.

Is it safe to add money to Dream11?

Adding money to your Dream11 account is both simple and safe. We have many different payment options enabled on Dream11 to ensure that your personal details are safe with us.
What’s more? After you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Dream11 directly to your bank account.

What is Dream11, and how does it work?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that allows users to create their virtual teams and compete against each other in various sports leagues. Users can select real-life players from different teams to form their virtual teams and earn points based on the players’ performances in real-life matches.

Is Dream11 legal in India?

Yes, Dream11 is legal in India. In 2017, the Supreme Court of India ruled that fantasy sports are games of skill and not games of chance, making them legal in the country.

How do I register on Dream11?

To register on Dream11, you need to download the Dream11 app or visit their website and sign up with your mobile number or email address. You will need to provide your basic details and complete the verification process to start using the platform.

Can I earn money on Dream11?

Yes, you can earn money on Dream11 by participating in contests, referring your friends, taking advantage of bonus offers, playing skill-based games, and contests with guaranteed prize pools.

How do I create my virtual team on Dream11?

To create your virtual team on Dream11, you need to select a match and choose the players you want to include in your team. You will have a virtual budget, and you need to pick players within that budget. Once you have selected your team, you need to choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team.

How do I withdraw my winnings from Dream11?

To withdraw your winnings from Dream11, you need to complete the KYC process and link your bank account to your Dream11 account. Once you have completed these steps, you can withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account.

Can I edit my team after joining a contest on Dream11?

No, you cannot edit your team after joining a contest on Dream11. Once you have joined a contest, your team is final, and you cannot make any changes to it.

Can I play Dream11 on my PC?

Yes, you can play Dream11 on your PC by visiting their website and logging in to your account.

Is Dream11 safe and secure?

Yes, Dream11 is safe and secure. The platform uses advanced security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information, and they are regulated by the relevant authorities to ensure fair play.

Can I play Dream11 outside India?

No, Dream11 is currently only available to users in India. However, they are expanding to other countries, and users can keep an eye out for updates on their international expansion plans.

Disclaimer : “The information presented in this article is based on the author’s research and understanding of the topic. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that all information is entirely correct or up to date. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any decisions based on the information presented in this article.”

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