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सोमवार, 17 सितंबर 2018

Railway Group D Exam 17 September All Shift Question Answer PDF in Hindi

Railway Group D ( 17th Sep 2018 ,1st 2nd 3rd Shift ) Question Paper || Solved Group D Paper PDF

Oscar academy award function is held in which country? Los Angeles, California

Which animal creates ultrasound? Bat, Dolphin

First Indian city to employ a robot in traffic control. Indore

Which country has the longest coastline? Canada

What is the unit of power? Watt

Who played the role of Allaudin Khilji in Padmavat movie? Ranveer Singh

Who was given a 2017 Nobel Literature Award? Kazuo Ishiguro

Which film was given the Best feature film award in 2018 National Awards? Village Rockstar

Women Entrepreneurship platform is launched by? Niti Aayog

Who is the PM of Japan? Shinzo Abe

Who is the Manchester of India? Ahmedabad

Which is the largest planet of the solar system? Jupiter

Who is the President of Venezuela? Nicolas Maduro

Which is the cleanest railway station? Jodhpur

Name the best living city in the world. Vienna

What is the Formula of Methyl Isocyanate which was leaked in Bhopal Gas tragedy? CH3NCO

Winner of Red Ink Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism 2018: William Mark Tully

Which union minister launched powertex to encourage handloom? Union Minister of Textiles, Smriti Irani

Which tissue is responsible for flexibility in plants? Collenchyma

In which process, oxygen is released into the air? Photosynthesis

Which company reached $900 billion $900 billion in trade after apple? Amazon

Which place is known as 'the princess of hill stations'? Kodaikanal

India won how many medals in us open karate championship held in las vegas 2017? 2

In which medium, the sound has maximum intensity? Solid

Hundred Years War was fought between which two countries? France & England

HCF of two Co-Prime numbers? 1

Upper House of Parliament is called? Rajya Sabha

King of Acid? Sulphuric Acid (H2So4)

In which year BSE was established? 1875

What is the term of office of members of Rajyasabha? 6 Years

if Teacher is related to class in the same way driver is related to? Vehicle

Who were the winners of Banga Bhushan award? Asha Bhosle

Who is the author of the book A book of light? Peter Levitt

Who is Women and child development minister? Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Best CM Award of 2017? Vashundra Raje

Who won the Oscar Film of the year 2018 - Shape of water

Who won Polly Umrigar Award 2018? Virat Kohli

Which country will host the ISSF World Shooting Championship 2019? India

What is the capital of Norway? Oslo

President of Hockey India – Rajinder Singh

Which city hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for the first time in South Asia? Hyderabad

Who is the Minister of Culture? Mahesh Sharma

Who has been re-elected as ICC President? Shashank Manohar

Constituency of Cornad Sangma? South Tura

The English patient book got which prize? Golden Man Booker Prize

Konark sun temple built by? Narasimhadeva 1

Arogya 2017 held in? New Delhi

GES 2017 held in? Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Held in Hyderabad

Official partner of hockey men's world cup 2018? OMC

Baking powder is the mixture of? Carbonate or Bicarbonate


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